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Simpsons Porn Story: the simpsons the cinema part1

Simpsons Porn Story: the simpsons the cinema part1


was Sunday afternoon and relatively quiet in the Simpson household,
the weather was not particularly good the rain had been falling for a
while it was chilly and seemed to effect the mood of the family. Well
most of it, Lisa was out in the country pony riding and from all
accounts the weather where she was was fine. Homer had taken his
usual position on the sofa watching the tv, Marge was busying her
self around the house Maggie was content in her high chair and Bart,
Bart was in his bedroom.
stretched, the programme he had been watching, or rather staring at
had gone to commercials, he swung his feet off the sofa and made his
way to the stairs noting Marge by the sink, he rose the stairs, the
loo was his destination and his bladder warned him not to take his
time, he reached the top and turned towards the bathroom, he walked
up the hall and saw Bart’s door ajar, Bart wasn’t to be seen as
he glanced and entered the bathroom. He relieved himself with a long
grateful sigh, he frowned, there had been no noises from Bart’s
room, no mutterings from his son nor the usual clangs and bangs from
the tv or the tv as it played one of his many video games, he
finished, did himself up and decided he would poke his head in on the
way back.
to his own word he did, he peeped in on Bart as he passed, his son
was quietly reading on his bed, Homer smiled and started to walk off,
he stopped and frowned and went into Bart’s bedroom, Bart looked up
and casually smiled, Homer sat on his bed and asked what was up, as
he sat Bart closed the large book and looked at his father as he
questioned him. Unbeknown to Homer Bart’s heart was racing like a
steam train, he could feel it beating wildly in his chest,
threatening to break out, he was surprised his father couldn’t hear
it. Hi Homer he said placing down the now closed book. What do you
mean what’s up. Homer smiled, One he said your reading which is too
much like learning and education and two, you closed the book too
quickly, almost hiding something from me he reached out for the book,
too late for Bart, he reacted too slowly.
heart skipped a beat, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes
tightly as he saw his dad open the book, the book on prehistoric
animals……with a most recent copy of play dude cleverly hidden
inside, no too cleverly he thought. WHAT THE..!! Exploded homer, bart
inwardly sighed, already resigned to the verbal beating he was no
doubt about to receive. He could see it now, rants raves and
groundings possibly even an ear clipping. Ready for whatever
punishment his father was going to dish out, he opened his eyes and
calmly looked a him, he had after all read it twice, so even taking
the thing would have only a limited effect, he saw his fathers
shocked face, it was a picture, one he would never forget and one he
wished he could capture and show Milhouse when he came back from his
deep glutteral growling began in homers throat, the amazingly it
subsided, homer was annoyed at the boy, this type of material was not
for one so young, but if obtained he knew he would have done the same
thing, with a composure of a more understanding father he simply
stood and took the magazine and decided to confront Marge and they
could both decide on a suitable punishment, he looked at bart with a
deep penetrating stare as he stood, homer wanted to laugh as he saw
his sons face, shocked, not at only being caught out but by his
fathers………..civilised attitude.
was absolutely shocked he stared at the closed door as his father had
exited his bedroom for ages, unable to comprehend why he hadn’t
been throttled, verbally attacked, these types of things always
happened with homer, not the reaction he had just got……that was
more a Flanders reaction. His heart was still racing and his breath
deep but his mind was in a turmoil. He slipped from the bed and
gently opened the door, made his way to the top of the landing and
listened, his father had no doubt gone to his mom……what would her
reaction be.
stomped into the kitchen and slammed the magazine down on the kitchen
table causing marge to turn from her routine duties, she looked at
homer then the source of the slam, she stopped what she was doing
instantly as she kinda recognised the glossy magazine lying there.
Without another word she turned, placed down the cup she was washing,
dried her hands and walked over and sat at the table, pulling the
magazine towards her, she opened it. Homer watched her walk over, her
face was…..well it was normal, no anger, frustration, nothing she
simply sat and opened the thing.
glanced at the girlies within, semi naked and naked, legs open,
revealing all their female delights. Page after page. She obviously
knew her son was growing, becoming more and more curious, and no
doubt it was rife at school, older kids knowing more, the kids bart
hung around with he as bound to come into contact with this, and
alike. She sighed and looked at homer, she held his gaze for a few
seconds, seeing his and noting his anger, surprised and impressed
with his containment, she hadn’t heard any screams or bellows. He
is getting older she said. His mouth dropped open, he had expected
her to react angrily but to a lesser degree than him normally, but
with his subdued reaction he thought her normal reaction would have
paled his…..but nothing.
slumped in the chair before her, marge he said, its an adults
magazine…..full of naked women, he is our son, ten years old….is
that all you can say, I thought I had been soft, deciding to let you
dish out the punishment based on your annoyance, but I didn’t
expect this, I may as well give him the darned thing back and
subscribe to the monthly delivery of it for him. Marge smiled, very
funny, of course I am annoyed, well upset really but its not
unexpected, like I said he is growing up, he is curious. Homer
slammed his fist, he should be curious about different candies he
said loudly, not this……filth. He didn’t really mean filth, he
had to make it sound as if he wasn’t interested in it, he had to be
honest with himself as he had walked down the stairs been pissed his
son had seen this issue before he.
sighed, fine…..fine he said, he stood and picked up the magazine
and placed it into the trash bin firmly, I will decide what to do
about this while I am watching my programme, and with that he walked
out of the kitchen and back into the front room where he sank into
his sofa. What would the guys at work do, he pondered, probably pat
his son on the back before snatching the mag for themselves. This was
the type of thing they were always talking about at work, this
magazine, that magazine, this film that film, and lets face it homer
he thought to himself, you only join in the conversation with them
with as much gusto, its not as if he was against the stuff. They had
only recently been talking about the latest film out, apparently the
most risquever made with some hot and steamy bits, homer had
wished he had seen it……..then it hit him.
smiled, smiled at his own devilishness, he could kill two birds with
one stone here, he stood and walked into the kitchen, marge had
resumed her washing. Planning as he went he said to Marge, I have
decided on Bart’s punishment, she turned, punishment, yes said
Homer, even given the fact he is curious and growing up, he shouldn’t
be bringing and reading that material in the house, there is Lisa to
consider too, He was impressed with his delivery of his plan, Marge
had to concede he was correct, what do you intend to do, Homer
inwardly smiled, to be honest he said I am disappointed with you to
at you tame reaction, so I intend to fight fire with fire, so to
speak, Marge frowned, I am going to take him to that seedy little
cinema on the outskirts of town and make him watch whatever they have
on, not only will he see things full on it will in a kind of way be
tutorial and educational for him.
looked aghast, you cant do that he’s too young, to get in maybe
retorted Homer, but if he thinks he is old enough to read smut, well
he can watch it, hopefully he will be embarrassed with our presence
he’ll stay away from it in the future, our presence Marge
interrupted, yes said Homer, he’ll be more likely to be embarrassed
with his mother there than his father, and it might make you equally
embarrassed as to react differently in the future, if there is one. I
don’t know said Marge, perhaps we can ground him or something, I
doubt it would work said Homer, it hasn’t in the past, and I don’t
want an alternative now, just because your unhappy, like I said I was
upset at your reaction to this in the first place so I want you to be
affected too.
Marge could argue Homer said, I have made my mind up, not only are we
going to do it, were going to do it today, he smiled as he got no
more response from his wife as he walked back into the front room. He
sat and looked at the tv, he was looking forward to seeing this film
his mates were all talking about.
had heard his mothers voice as she had been shown, obviously the
magazine, he was surprised and pleased she had taken it not only
calmly but had even defended him, he had expected her to scream and
bawl his name, he didn’t know how to react, eventually as he sat
there listening to the short discussion, the slamming of the bin, he
had expected the magazine to end up there, he heard his fathers
footsteps as he walked out of the kitchen, he had slid back away from
the landing rails out of sight of his father and returned to his
bedroom, he didn’t know what to do, he knew some form of punishment
would be dealt, he imagined it would be his games console plus
grounding and no doubt other things, he decided to get a bit of time
on his console before it was taken from him.
sat at the table, had she been too soft in her reaction she wondered,
was Homer right, why was Homer being so…..normal about this, normal
as in for someone else, this wasn’t like him at all, thinking about
things instead of flying off the handle, she was sure she was right,
Bart is growing up, he was bound to get into things like this, liking
it or disliking it wouldn’t make a difference, what she was unsure
of was Homers so called solution, she definitely didn’t think it
was right, it could have adverse affects on Bart, perhaps she should
talk to Homer, get him to see things differently at least his
solution, after all she didn’t want to be seen going into a seedy
cinema, even if it was on the edge of town, someone might see her.
After a few seconds she thought, if it’s a cinema, it wont be
pornographic, that type of activity was only in the cities, not hear
in Springfield, it would be tasteful……surely……perhaps this
might work, might be the right idea, could Homer be right??
the hour, Bart had been informed of his punishment, he had been
amazed nothing was being taken off him, no grounding nothing,
secretly he was pleased ,he was actually going to see a film, not
pictures like in a magazine….but a film, and a rude film his father
had said, he was a little unsure about his parents being there,
especially his mother, he suspected this was also part of the
punishment, embaressment he concluded, that did bother him, watching
a film like that with his mother there, that would definitely
embarrass him, he told his father so too, the reply he got

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Animated Powerpuff Girls Gif

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Agent Archer is undercover again… wait! Not under cover – under Cheryl again!

Archer Sex

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Futurama Porn Story: Time Runs Short – Chapter 8

Futurama Porn Story: Time Runs Short – Chapter 8

“Will she be okay?” she heard someone ask.

“We’re not sure.” said someone else.

“Will she be okay?!” said the other person, sounding like they were going
to kill the other one.

“We’re not sure, sir. Please, go sit down in the lobby, we’ll work on her
some more and tell you the outcome.”

Fry trudged sadly down the hall to the lobby. He saw everybody from PE
sitting in the lobby. Fry threw his back against a wall while everybody
watched him.

“It’s not your fault, Fry,” Amy said, “It was bound to happen anyway?
Wasn’t it?”

“Yea.I know.” Fry said as a tear fell from his eyes.

“Why didn’t ya tell us?” Hermes asked.

“Because Leela didn’t want me to tell anyone, she said that she didn’t want
anyone to feel sorry for her.”

A doctor came up and Fry walked up to him hurriedly. The doctor whispered
something to Fry and he hung his head. “I’ll be back,” Fry said as he
walked down the hall with the doctor. They walked around corners, down
hallways, and passed rooms. They finally came to room 78B and the doctor
nodded for him to go in.

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Star Trek Enterprise Sex Episodes

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